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Mary Halvorson

The Maid With The Flaxen Hair—A Tribute To Johnny Smith

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John Zorn: Salem, 1692 [#8361]
The second studio CD by Zorn’s incendiary new instrumental quartet presents a remarkable suite inspired by the tragic reign of terror in the Early American settlement of the Massachusetts Bay Colony commonly known as The Salem Witch Trials. The music is intense and hauntingly beautiful, touching upon aspects of Possession, Magic, Witchcraft, Hysteria and Transformation. Tighter than ever, the quartet performs brilliantly in this spellbinding followup to their eponymous first release Insurrection. An evocative collection of shredding guitar fireworks and bizarre magical spells, Salem 1692 is truly a musical reign of terror.
(Release date: November 2018)

Brian Marsella Trio: Outspoken--The Music Of The Legendary Hasaan [#4026]
This remarkable project features three Philadelphia musicians paying tribute to one of Philly’s most enigmatic and important musical visionaries—The Legendary Hasaan. Hasaan Ibn Ali was born in 1931 and made only one commercial release in his lifetime which has of course become a cult classic. Combining the craggly dissonances of Monk with the spidery lines of Elmo Hope, and the muscular intensity of Cecil Taylor, his music and theories were a huge influence on Coltrane, McCoy Tyner, and countless others. Here Brian Marsella, Christian McBride, and Anwar Marshall interpret the quirky compositions of this obscure musical master with a deep respect and a fresh imaginative voice. Includes an unrecorded Hasaan original and a tribute piece by Brian Marsella.
(Release date: September 2018)

Wendy Eisenberg: The Machinic Unconscious [#4027]
Improviser, composer and songwriter Wendy Eisenberg is a graduate of New England Conservatory and a founding member of the acclaimed band Birthing Hips. For her first Tzadik CD she is joined by the dynamic rhythm section of Trevor Dunn on bass and Ches Smith on drums and performs some of the nastiest guitar you’ve ever heard. The improvisations are powerful and intense and all styles and sounds are thrown into a cathartic blender as the trio channel an exciting new musical world. An outrageous project from these fabulous young lions!
(Release date: October 2018)